Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Note About the Rating System

As some of you may know, Frugal Foodies costs $8 per participant, at least at the time of this writing. So instead of using stars or forks or some other proprietary thing like "froogs" as the rating metric, why not use a range of 0-8 bucks? I'd love it if no dish at any restaurant cost more than $8, so I'm going to refer to something really fabulous as an 8 buck dish. And since we serve 4-6 dishes at every Frugal Foodies, this will give us a sense of accountability, just to be sure that everyone's getting their money's worth. And my hope is that at every Frugal Foodies, attendees are getting at least $25 worth of food, and I think that's generally the case. So the new metric will be as follows:

0 bucks = a very bad dish, verging on vomitocious. Memorable for being so bad!
1 buck = boring, forgettable, and really shouldn't have been made in the first place
2 bucks = someone might like this, but I certainly don't
3 bucks = a dish that is somewhat disappointing--either poorly prepared or not quite what it could be. Something's missing
4 bucks = a truly average dish, and is only saved by better dishes being around it. Otherwise, totally forgettable
5 bucks = it's starting to get good. Still missing something (to be great) or a very nice complimentary dish
6 bucks = this is a very solid dish with good flavor. Garners some compliments wherever it goes!
7 bucks = you can't ask for much more than this. An excellent dish that truly excites the senses
8 bucks = the absolute best! Everyone loves it. Would be featured at fine restaurants. Truly unforgettable!

So that's that. Now for the review of some recipes...

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